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Back at Harriniva

We spent the last two nights back at Harriniva. We weren’t all grouped together this time—Sophie and I had a small cabin, with ensuite sauna, down near the river Muonio. On Friday night there was a big celebration feast for the whole group. Unfortunately, although on the trip itself there had been a big effort to cater for our almost vegetarian diet, the message hadn’t reached the hotel staff; it was a bit of meat fest. I did enjoy the pickled herring, but have a suspicion it may have played a part in some rather unpleasant moments when I got home 🙁

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Close encounters with a reindeer

You’ll recall how our taxi driver’s driving made us rather nervous on the way out to Harriniva, so when the same driver arrived to take us back to the airport we were a little alarmed. But as James pointed out (he and Freya had had the same driver on the way out), we weren’t likely to be late for the plane.

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Since getting home I’ve not been on top of the world. I had a nasty tummy bug which opened up the sluice gates at both ends for the first part of the week. Whether that was from too much pickled herring at the Friday night feast, or all the handling of dog poo covered karabiners who knows.

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