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Gone mushing: the movie

A thoroughly disgusting Easter (why does it feel so much colder than Lapland did?) has led me to investigate the wonders of making video slide shows, editing video and creating DVDs. As a result I now have a DVD with a short film on, featuring some of my favourite photos of the trip. Working on […]

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Back at Harriniva

We spent the last two nights back at Harriniva. We weren’t all grouped together this time—Sophie and I had a small cabin, with ensuite sauna, down near the river Muonio. On Friday night there was a big celebration feast for the whole group. Unfortunately, although on the trip itself there had been a big effort […]

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Last day on the trail

I started the last day both sorry that it was coming to an end and happy at the thought of imminent rest! I had started the journey just getting over a nasty cold and it had been hard work throughout. There’s a lot to do to stay alive out here—fetching water, fetching and splitting wood, […]

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